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BSF: Studying the Book of Romans

  This morning I begin another year (Sept-May) in Bible Study Fellowship. I attended my first study in BSF beginning in September 2000. We studied the book of Matthew that year, and oh, what a blessing it was. At that time, BSF had seven different studies. Today they have ten (five … [Read More...]

Of Eye Surgeries and Total Eclipses

My corneal eye surgery last week went really well. The day after surgery was rough. The day after that was better. I'm still trying to limit computer time, and I'm also trying to avoid bright sunlight. Both strain my eye and cause some pain. But all in all, I'm hopeful for a good and timely … [Read More...]

My Life is Ruled by a Four Pound Puppy

Today, Jerry and I attended the first session of Puppy Preschool, sans puppy. This first class was for humans only so that we could concentrate completely on what the instructor was telling us. Lots to take in. Even lots of information that conflicts somewhat with other dog trainers, so there is … [Read More...]