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My Life is Ruled by a Four Pound Puppy

Today, Jerry and I attended the first session of Puppy Preschool, sans puppy. This first class was for humans only so that we could concentrate completely on what the instructor was telling us. Lots to take in. Even lots of information that conflicts somewhat with other dog trainers, so there is … [Read More...]

Take Offs and Landings and Great Joys

On Monday afternoon, my flight from Spokane touched down in Boise after five days and four nights at our annual brainstorming retreat. This was our 15th retreat, and every year they grow sweeter and sweeter. Yes, we brainstorm book ideas. We usually do a book each for nine novelists. We also have a … [Read More...]

A Satisfying Purge

I think most authors go through periods of time, due to approaching deadlines, when many things in their lives get ignored. I am guilty of that. To the max. Confession: I can let some things go without attention for years. There always seems to be something else more important to do with my time, … [Read More...]